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Empowering Vets with the best in technology

We help tp

We understand practice management systems and help with clinical technology, deploying and managing PACS servers and integrated CT, MRI, CR/DR Radiographs, Fluoroscopes and Ultrasound solutions.

Find out how we helped create Martin & Manifold’s veterinary utopia via an easy to use, worry free, single system technology platform.

Remove the IT headaches, focus on the business and keep your team happy!

We manage all your IT allowing you to focus on your veterinary practice. We ensure your IT is engineered to be robust to minimise downtime. Our focus is to minimise staff disruption keeping them happy and productive.
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We work with many veterinary practices just like yours!

We understand you, the technologies you use, and the partners you work with, and have been working with vets like you for over 16 years. From single clinic independents to large multi-site groups.
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Pet People Vet

Ian Stroud, Owner & founder of Pet People speaks about his most ambitious project to date and how Veterinary IT Services helped him plan his it infrastructure from the ground up.

Riverport Vets

Ben Wright, talks about going from IT novices to understanding how to drive efficiencies within his practice through trusting Veterinary IT Services.

Vet Dynamics

Find out how we improved Vet Dynamics operational efficiency through integrations whilst increasing their overall security.

Our highly anticipated, State of the PMS Report has been updated!

Dive deep into the industry's current state, covering pivotal trends, hurdles, and opportunities, comparisons and highlighting uniqueness. Explore a spectrum of viewpoints on innovations and challenges from experts across the veterinary profession, empowering you to make strategic decisions and deploy impactful solutions in your practice or business. Don't miss this opportunity to tap into the pulse of the profession and stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic PMS field.

Other practices think that we're great!

In fact, we had to create the option ‘great’ on our feedback form as our customers did not feel that ‘good’ gave enough credit to the level of service they received from the Veterinary IT Services engineers. As independently reviewed by Simplesat Customer Feedback

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