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8 Types of Technology to Help You Keep Better Track of Your Pets’ Health

Pet care is receiving high-tech treatment in the same way as smart homes, robotics, and self-driving automobiles. Recent advancements in technology have made it possible to improve, if not extend, the lives of our most beloved non-human companions while also allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of them.

Here are eight of the most notable current technologies that encourage better health care and maintenance for pets.



  1. Fitness Monitors

Fitness trackers for pets are becoming more popular due to the growing popularity of fitness tracking devices for humans. With such technology, you can monitor your pet’s activity and fitness level by syncing these gadgets to your smartphone. You can also establish objectives within most fitness monitoring apps and track your dog’s progress.

Some fitness monitors also let you compare your pet’s progress to other pets on social networks with the accompanying apps.


  1. Smart Collars

Getting a smart collar for your pet can help you keep tabs on their well-being. It is a non-invasive wireless collar that continuously monitors your pet’s vital signs and behavioural patterns. Some smart collars can forecast more than 50 diseases for your pets, so it keeps you updated on your pet’s health and alerts you when it is in danger of contracting one.


  1. Automated Food and Water Dispensers

Automated food and water dispensers are a very desirable breakthrough in pet technology for busy pet owners.

Using a smartphone app, you can feed your pet at any time, from any location, eliminating the need to rush home to meet your pet’s scheduled meal hour. A motion-activated water fountain is ideal for pets who spend a lot of time outside, as it turns on when your pet approaches then turns off when he has had enough and wanders away.


  1. Health and Nutrition Applications

Humans seek guidance on how to eat healthily and lose weight. Now, they do so not just for them but also for their beloved pets. Although they cannot prevent them from becoming overweight or unwell, a nutrition and health app for your pet is a must. This informative application also ensures that you do not have to visit the vet as often for guidance on your pet’s nutrition.


  1. Dental Kits

Your pet’s dental health is just as vital as its nutrition for overall well-being. Gum diseases and other dental concerns can cause you to spend a lot of money on costly dental cleanings at the veterinarian.

Various dental kits can assist you in maintaining your pet’s oral health. They aid in tartar removal and prevent bacteria that can lead to dental issues. Even though these solutions can delay dental cleanings for your pet for a while, it is still vital to get your pet’s teeth checked regularly.


  1. AI Litter Tray

An AI litter tray is comparable to providing your pet with a high-tech toilet. The device conducts a health check on your animal companion and utilizes Artificial Intelligence to clean itself.

If you have several pets in your home, the device can distinguish between them based on their unique activity patterns and weight, and it will sound an alarm if any of them begin to behave abnormally. Your pet’s weight, the number of times it uses the litter tray, the amount of time it spends there, and the amount of waste it leaves behind are all tracked by the litter tray. This data gets saved, and the device formulates an overall picture of your pet’s health condition.

The device will notify you if there are any suspicious or out-of-the-ordinary behaviours so that you may take measures early on.


  1. Pet Surveillance

Thanks to advancements in pet surveillance and monitoring technology, keeping tabs on your pet’s activities is no longer a mystery.

You can use these devices for more than just keeping tabs on your pet. They enable two-way communication with your pet, allowing you to communicate with them. You can video chat with your pet and give it treats using some devices. This can ease separation anxiety since you can use them to prevent your pet, or yourself, from missing each other during a long work week.

It gives your pet a sense of stability while offering you peace of mind.


  1. Robotic Pet Sitter

Your pet might think that the Robotic Pet Sitter is nothing more than another ball, but it is capable of much more. This amusing little ball is a remote-controlled toy that gets created with the help of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology. It will keep your pet amused and entertained for hours on end.

A Robotic Pet Sitter is a pet technology that serves as a pet sitter, so you do not need to worry about your pet while you are gone. It features a wide-angle fisheye lens that provides the best possible view of your pet in real time whenever you want to check in on your pet. On top of that, using the Robotic Pet Sitter’s two-way communication capability, you can communicate with your dog.

Suppose you find yourself missing, even longing for your pet while working. (It’s okay, we’ve all experienced it!) Fortunately, now you don’t have to wallow in your sadness for eight hours. Instead, you can use the app with your Robotic Pet Sitter to communicate with them. While your pet tries to catch up with a Robotic Pet Sitter, you can control its movement around the home with remote control. Then, when it is time for your next appointment, you throw it on auto play to continue to have fun while you are away.



As technology continues to permeate every aspect of our lives, it only makes sense that we start using technology to better care for our pets.

Think about the impact this new technology will have on your animal companion before bringing it into your home. In the end, you do not want to put their health at risk to get your hands on that shiny new gadget — something opposite the technological advancements’ purpose. Find out how Veterinary IT Services can help.