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How Ready Ping Works

Ready Ping is a simple, COVID safe, app-free solution for client check in that won’t monopolize your phone lines. It is a true curbside service which will work on all modern mobile devices just by ‘checking in’ on a simple website via a link you can add to your appointment text reminders.  

As soon your client checks in your team are instantly notified and your client is sent an acknowledgement notification. When you are ready to safely invite the client into the premises, or to go a collect their pet from their car, you accept the check in which sends them a notification to their device with instructions.


It is a simple, quick, safe and inexpensive solution that doesn’t require multiple team members, expensive equipment and ultimately does not block up your phone lines.

Key Features

  • Easy setup process, you can be setup within minutes.
  • No setup charges.
  • Free for up to 150 pings per month.
  • Only pay for what you use, the cost will completely adjust to your usage month by month.
  • Add as many locations as you require for no extra cost if you are a multi-site practice.
  • No app required, makes it easy for any of your clients to use as long as they have a smart phone.
  • Add the check link in to your client appointment reminders so your clients know what to do when they arrive.
  • 100% white labelled, customise your client portal for check ins and the back end interface shows your colours and your logo.
  • The ability to add custom fields such as pet name if you would like to know more information when a client checks in, other than their name and vehicle registration.
  • The ability to add up to two actions (e.g. collect medication or drop off/collect animal) which would then determine the notifications the client receives.
  • Customise all the notifications that are sent through to your client (on a per company or location basis).
  • See and search all your historic pings.
  • Create as many central admin accounts as you require to view and report against all your locations, also limit what user has access to what location.
  • As an admin you can jump into any of your locations at any point to review how they are Central dashboard overview to review your total number of pings as well as to see trends such as busiest periods on a per site or business basis to help better manage front of house staffing.


This example involves a pet owner who is dropping their pet of at your veterinary practice.

  1. The pet owner arrives at your veterinary practice clicks on the link in the text reminder or navigates to
  2. They are shown a list of local businesses based on thier current location. Your practice should be first if they are located outside. They simply click ‘check in’.
  3. They are prompted to enter in thier name, pet name (if set up by you), vehicle registration and then click ‘check in’.
  4. The recieve an immediate automated notification from your practice acknowledging thier check in (this notification can be customised by you).
  5. You are immediately notified of your client’s arrival via the planner dashboard.
  6. When you are ready to process the client, you can click on the client’s card on the planner screen and select the next step (You can choose up to 3 actions).
  7. As soon as you have selected the next step your client will get a notification on their phone explaining the next steps (this notification can be customised by you).
  8. As soon as you have dealt with the clients request you can mark it off as complete and the client gets a thank you message (this notification can be customised by you).

We don’t know how much longer social distancing will be required for or if this move towards curbside service will be here to stay. But until life can go back to normal practices need a COVID safe, app-free solution for client check in that won’t monopolize their phone lines or put their staff at risk.

Our hope is that with Ready Ping, we have provided a solution that will make your daily routine easier and safer, for both your staff and your clients.