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It is Vet-ter to be Safe than Sorry: Why Your Veterinary Practice Needs a Password Management System


There are legal requirements for how businesses handle personal data on their employees and customers. The only thing that matters most is to stay on the right side of the law and protect your business.

Efficiency is one great factor in running an establishment, all while adhering to the legal requirements. Patients and client records can pile up through time, and it could be hard to keep track of these records manually. Moreover, errors and mistakes could lead to legal matters. But do not fear! There is a solution to this.

Before everything else, one should first understand the basics.


What is Data Protection?

Data protection refers to the safeguarding of personal information and respecting those individuals’ rights concerning that data. It is the method of protecting essential data from corruption, compromise, or loss and the capacity to restore the data to a functional state if it becomes inaccessible or unusable for whatever reason.

Data protection ensures that data does not get altered, it is only available for allowed reasons, and it meets all legal and regulatory standards. When needed, protected data should be accessible and used for its intended purpose.

Important Laws that Should be Adhered To

Numerous rules apply to data protection, but in the United Kingdom, you should follow three significant laws. The Data Protection Act of 2018, the DPA, the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations of 2003 or the PECR and the UK General Data Protection Regulation, the GDPR. These are perhaps the most important laws for you to abide by.

Confidentiality laws and human rights laws may also be significant, particularly in a medical setting.

Do these Laws affect the Use of Personal Data?

If one decides what data to gather, what to use it for, and how to use it, one becomes the data controller and must follow the DPA’s rules. The DPA affects all aspects of personal data processing, from collection to active use, including storage, reading, copying, releasing, exporting, and storing and deletion.

Again, one of the most important aspects of a company, especially in medicine, while abiding by the law is efficiency. Patients and client records can accumulate over time, making it difficult to keep track of them manually. One solution that comes to mind is a Password Management System.

Password Management System

Password management is a system that enables users to save and access their passwords safely. Moreover, password management is becoming an important aspect of most firms’ IT policies. Now, password management systems take the shape of software that ensures both security and ease of use for both home and business users. The software stores all of your passwords in a single, encrypted location and automatically signs you into any password-protected accounts linked to the password management software.


Why and How does the Password Management System help Maintain Efficiency?

While password management appeals to personal users and small businesses for its efficiency, it appeals to huge firms for a different reason. In a setting where standard password management approaches would be too difficult to enforce, like businesses and clinics, it protects critical information from malicious and unethical parties.

This system can also serve as the solution for the problem of dealing with patients and client records while maintaining efficiency and adhering to the laws stated.


Benefits of Having Password Management System

Having this type of system has a lot of benefits discussed below.

Avoid Errors

Passwords are frequently used in today’s modern digital professional world for all services, whether it is as easy as noting daily attendance or something as delicate as viewing patients or clients’ records. However, as humans, making mistakes is unavoidable, and remembering multiple passwords for various corporate portals is only a matter of time before it becomes difficult.

Passwords Become Easier to Access

On an individual level, things become even more challenging. For email, internet shopping, online banking, social media platforms, and various other digital services, the usual user has many passwords. According to a study published in 2020, the typical person has over 100 passwords to remember.

The one-stop answer for this modern dilemma is password management. A password manager allows users to manage all of their passwords, both personal and professional, in one place. Moreover, a password manager does more than just keep track of the passwords. It also assists users in creating sufficiently personal and professional passwords.

Gives Additional Security

Phishing tactics that target work-from-home employees have become highly advanced, prompting firms to upgrade their management of employee networks and passwords. Having a password management system is of help regarding this matter.


Most Recommended Password Management Systems

Below is a list of the most recommended password management systems.


Using the NordPass password manager, users can access their login details on any device, even while they are offline. You may store passwords in one location, and users can log in to their favorite sites and apps with a single tap.


With RoboForm, one will never need to remember or type passwords again. RoboForm stores all passwords securely and allows users to log in with a single click. Moreover, RoboForm is compatible with all major browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Mac, iOS, and Android, and is also available for Windows. For each site, RoboForm’s random password generator will provide a strong and unique password.


Weak employee passwords, stolen, or reused are the leading source of data breaches. Dashlane is a secure and convenient way to keep track of corporate passwords. Moreover, businesses choose it for its simple staff management, smooth deployment, and best-in-class security architecture that has never gotten hacked. It is also a simple password manager that will not obstruct staff productivity.


Keeper helps to keep track of and protect personal passwords in a highly secure, encrypted digital vault. KeeperFill creates strong, random passwords and uses them to autofill websites and apps. Users can also add up to 5 emergency contacts to allow vault access in the case of emergency or demise and securely create, exchange, and manage records with family, friends, and associates. Furthermore, users may always save and restore prior versions of the documents.


With 1Password, one will only ever need to memorise one password. A Master Password, which only the user knows, protects all other passwords and vital information. The password vault securely stores logins and private information. This password protection method keeps the data safe from attackers, hackers, and other malicious characters. Furthermore, when users check in to apps and websites, 1Password can save usernames and passwords. Thanks to its automatic form filler, users may sign in to their online accounts with a single click.


Importance of Having Password Management System

Today, the internet is available to many, which means that there are a lot of passwords circulating. This system presents cybercriminals with a plethora of targets. With most businesses moving to a remote work environment by 2021, the lack of a strong company-wide password management policy invites fraudsters to cause havoc and steal vital data.

A password management solution is essential because it is feature-rich enough to meet corporate needs while also achieving cybersecurity objectives.


INFOGRAPHIC - Password Management System


Veterinary IT is a Technology Provider. It is the United Kingdom’s first IT support company dedicated solely to veterinary practices. Their services revolve around the technological systems that vets should have in place, network security, how to choose software, and some less technical company development and industry news.

A single breach of your networks could bring your entire organisation to its downfall. With an effectively implemented password management system, you significantly reduce this risk. It can ensure security, efficiency, and accuracy among different areas, especially in the veterinary and legal fields. After all, it is always better to be safe than sorry.