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London Vet Show welcomes first ever ethical hacker as Cyber Chief warns Ransomware poses the “most immediate danger to UK businesses”

Certified ethical hacker and Veterinary IT Expert Jack Peploe will be running a session in the Business Theatre at 09.30-10.20 on 11th November at the 2021 London Vet Show about the importance of IT basics and cyber security for UK veterinary practices.

It really is the perfect storm out there for cyber-crime. In the month following the UK’s first COVID lockdown, instances of cyber-attacks increased by up to 400%, and they just haven’t slowed down since. When combined with the amount of out-of-date software, lack of cyber awareness and shoddy IT set ups, this has created an extortionate risk for the veterinary sector.

So, it’s time to sit up and take note of the warnings around you. Lindy Cameron, the chief executive of the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, recently announced that “Ransomware presents the most immediate danger to UK businesses and most other organisations” explaining that it has the ability to impact everyone “from FTSE 100 companies, to schools; from critical national infrastructure to local councils”.

Unfortunately there’s just no denying it, when it comes to up to date, modern and secure IT infrastructure, the veterinary sector are lagging behind other sectors putting them at particular risk. This is through no fault of their own, running a veterinary practice is a big job. HUGE in fact, and when you consider they’re balancing staff shortages, social distancing, and a phenomenal increase in pet ownership it’s a miracle any vet gets anything else done.

The London Vet Show have recognised this and as a result this year, certified ethical hacker and veterinary IT expert Jack Peploe will be delivering a session on the importance of IT basics and cyber security for UK veterinary practices. It promises to be a fascinating deep dive into the fundamental IT infrastructure that veterinary practices need to be a successful business. From picking a PMS and ensuring internet resiliency, to the basics of cyber security including showing an actual real-life hack!

Jack will be speaking 09.30-10.20 on 11th November in the Business Theatre.