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Merging to Create a New Veterinary Practice

Drove Veterinary Hospital required us to setup the new Ridgeway Farm site, which is designed to be a state of the art facility to replace two existing smaller sites; Moredon and Taw Hill. As the site was a newly registered address and limited to a specific form of connectivity, this was a challenging project. It was required for the new site to:

  • Have adequate connectivity to support seven systems, 6 phones and multiple mobile devices
  • Have reliable high speed internet to enable them to securely gain access to the main hospital
  • Be configured with RoboVet
  • Ensure the site employed the best in security to keep their clients data safe;
  • Have all systems installed be small and discreet
  • Terminate the Cat6 infrastructure
  • Ensure reliable high speed internal infrastructure both wired and wireless
  • Wireless access to provide both corporate wireless access and easy to use guest wireless access
  • Printing facility for both general colour A4 as well as label and receipt printing
  • Integrate VetEnvoy marketing solution in Reception

We looked to integrate FTTP as part of our business internet solution. The biggest challenge was working with Openreach as well as the Royal Mail to get them to accept the Ridgeway site as a new address. Timescales were extremely tight so there was a significant risk of not having internet connectivity in place which would have been disastrous.

To mitigate this risk we made sure to integrate a backup 4G service just in case the FTTP service was not ready for the go live date.

During the process of integrating the business internet we worked with Drove’s internal team to wire up the internal infrastructure, making sure all points were terminated correctly, tested and labelled.

We integrated our cloud managed firewall and switches. This enables us to securely monitor the environment was well as centrally manage the environment and ensure all relevant network devices are patched and up to date to reduce the risk of a cyber attack. Specifically we were able to create a secure site to site link between the new site and main hospital.

As part of validating the infrastructure we integrated our cloud managed wireless solution which provides secure wireless for Drove Vets staff but would also provide segmented wireless for guests through simply checking in to Drove Vets Ridgeway Farm Facebook page.

To keep in line with all other sites it was opted to integrate thin clients which were mounted directly onto the wall with minimal cables. In addition, this enabled the footprint at the new site to be small as no server was required keeping the cost down.

Due to the Drove team already being on Office 365 it was easy for users to transition between sites using their single Office 365 identity.

Finally we re-purposed the Moredon and Taw Hill handsets to the new site. Due to Drove Vets utilising our Cloud Phone System solution we were able to configure notices to inform clients of the change in practices as they called in.

The move was a success we were able to transition the two old sites into a single new site with no disruption to the Drove team. They were fully functional for their open day.