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Ensure that when it comes to your practice data, lost does not mean gone forever

We back up your cloud based software apps to another cloud to ensure that you can continue business as usual in case of data loss or a ransomware attack.

Why Cloud to Cloud backup?

The cloud is taking over modern businesses, the likelihood is that the majority of the suppliers you work with are on it, and if your practice is already taking advantage of the Cloud then your team relies heavily on it for communication, data storage, sales, marketing and much more. Cloud to Cloud back up ensures that your practice data is backed up and readily accessible in the case of accidental deletions, ex-employees, even malicious activity, allowing you to instantly restore accounts and data so business can return to normal.

Peace Of Mind

You need resiliency away from a cloud provider no matter how big they are, Cloud to Cloud backup replicates your data securely within the UK.

Ransomware Ready

Ransomware is always evolving and is now able to target the cloud. Cloud to Cloud backup shields your data from such attacks.

Stay Compliant

Ensure regulatory compliance with retention policies and avoid data loss in deactivated subscriptions.

Core Stats


of IT decision makers reported some form of data loss through SaaS over a 12 month period.


of practices that lost their data for 10 days or more filed for bankruptcy within one year.


of people have experienced (or will experience) data loss due to accidental deletion, disk or system failure, viruses, fire or some other disaster.


Protect your cloud data

Designed specifically to protect your Microsoft Microsoft 365, Google Gsuite and Salesforce data.
Protect your cloud data - Veterinary IT Services

Recover faster

Get your first backup started in 5 minutes, find what you need quickly, and restore lost files in seconds.
Fast Data Recovery - Veterinary IT Services

Defend against ransomware attacks

Easily restore your data to a time immediately preceding an attack thanks to 3× daily point-in-time backups.
Defend against ransomware - Veterinary IT Services

Secure, Private Cloud Storage

Protect your data in UK secure, private cloud purpose-built for backup with SOC 2 Type II compliance.
Secure Cloud Storage - Veterinary IT Services

Take advantage of secure, private cloud to cloud back-up.

Talk to us today and discover how you can protect your online services such as Gsuite and Microsoft 365 with our Cloud to cloud backup solution.
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Both Tom and Anthony really helped me get set up and resolved any issues, speedily and with haste! I am really happy with the service and speediness of the resolve. Thank you both so much for your help yesterday, you have a very happy worker at the moment.

- Mita Chudasama

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