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Discover business-grade, high-speed data connectivity

Gamma’s suite of data services includes Broadband, Ethernet and converged Private Networks (CPN). Designed to support the growing demands for faster internet access, these services are suitable for practices of all sizes.

Why Business Internet?

Business internet is an essential connectivity platform on which your communications, including your PMS, voice and internet connections are delivered by a single network, ensuring service quality and cost savings for your practice.

Cloud Technologies

Practices are more reliant on internet connections due to cloud services (such as your PMS) as well as hosted cloud phone systems.

24/7 Support

Our team are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to deal with any queries you may have in relation to your business internet.

Priority Traffic

Business internet is just for businesses which means you wont be sharing anything with residential users.


is the total number of broadband circuits we manage on behalf of our customers.


our broadband circuits are monitored 24/7.

1 Month

we are able to offer 30 day rolling contracts for our broadband services.


The right broadband for your practice

Our team of experts help you to understand the different forms of connectivity options available to your practice based on your requirements and location. We have the facility to provide services such as Leased Lines, Business Broadband, FTTC and FTTP as well as wireless solutions such as 4G.
The right broadband for your business

Flexible pricing and contracts

All our connectivity solutions are reasonably priced and can be offered on a contract as little as 30 days.
Flexible pricing and contracts

Business only solutions

Our connectivity is designed just for business, you therefore do not share your connections with residential users and by default are offered faster resolution times to faults in the event of an incident.
Business only solutions

Backup internet solutions

With the use in cloud technologies increasing the demand on your connectivity is becoming greater. We can help design backup internet solutions to work alongside your current connectivity and be there to help in the event of an internet outage so that there is no disruption to your practice.
Backup internet solutions

We manage your migration

If you are moving to us from another provider we will manage the complete process on your behalf so that you can continue to focus on the day to day operations of your practice.
We manage your migration

Discover the right broadband for your Practice.

Ensure you are getting the best speeds and most appropriate internet service with our Business Internet by requesting a free consultation.
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