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Make your team the front line of your cyber defence

Your team are your first and primary line of defence against online crime. Equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to protect themselves – and your practice – from cyber attacks.

Why Cyber Awareness Training?

These days, phishing emails will look like legitimate email communications from a business or institution that your team knows and trusts. Protecting against these threats requires a comprehensive approach, including the right education programs for your employees. The training that we offer is a combination of Security Awareness and Phishing simulations. To test your team on how they would respond to a real-life phishing attack, we send mock attacks at staggered times, track which employees have clicked on a phishing email, who has given away their password and who has ignored the email. Once a learning gap is detected, we deliver interactive educational videos to those we have identified as the most susceptible users. The training videos are easy-to-understand, short, visually engaging and include an online quiz to verify the employee’s retention of the training content. This double pronged approach aims to turn the weakest link in your defence into your strongest form of protection.

Reduces Human Error

Social engineering is a current favourite tactic among cyber criminals, Cyber Awareness Training keeps your team informed and educated on the tactics used so that they may avoid it.


The training is real-time, meaning your team are not required to work elsewhere taking them away from their day job.

Highlight areas of improvement

It informs you of your weakest link, enabling you to focus on how their awareness can be improved.

Core Stats


of security breaches are inadvertent and caused by human error.


of malware is delivered by email.


new variants of email threats are released on a daily basis.


Your practice will save time and money

A successful cyber attack can take more than 7 months to detect and recover from. The disruption to your business can be catastrophic at worst and costly at best.

Training reduces errors and enhances security

Once staff are trained they are aware of common scams, such as email attachments that contain malware or phishing emails that steal personal information and are therefore less likely to fall victim to such scams.

Develop a Security-Focused Culture

Additionally once employees are using strong passwords, flagging suspicious emails, and alerting supervisors about unusual activity, your practice becomes less vulnerable.

Prevent downtime

A cyber security breach takes time and money to investigate and repair. The disruption for your staff and your clients can have negative effects on your reputation.

Find out about the latest Cyber threats for your Practice

Get some peace of mind by ensuring that you and your staff are cyber aware, download our Get Cyber Aware guide or sign up for a Cyber Awareness Seminar.
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