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Monitor your employees’ productivity, streamline operational efficiency and strengthen security

Whether you want to manage your remote workforce, measure and improve staff efficiency or protect your business assets and data from insider threats, our software offers the best cloud based solution for veterinary practices.

Why Employee Productivity Monitoring?

Our system ActivTrak is built specifically to analyse organisational trends in productivity, meaning that you can make data-driven decisions on how to optimise your workforce. Easily create reports to see how your employees are performing on an individual and team level, when they are at their most productive, and who is accessing sensitive files or participating in risky activities.

Analyse Organisational Productivity

Enable management teams to uncover hidden productivity killers that you and your team may not be aware of.

Manage Your Remote Workforce

Whether your team is remote, or in one office — you’ll have the tools and information available to have a handle on what’s going on.

Protect Assets from Insider Threats

Know who is accessing sensitive files and participating in risky activities in real-time, and react accordingly to keep company property and networks secure.

Core Stats


of organisations that have "roaming" workforces keep records of their movement.


The average worker wastes between 90 to 270 minutes per day.

178 Million

Businesses lose $178 million worth of productivity due to internet misuse every year.


Feel secure in offering remote working to your employees

Being able to offer flexible working is a huge advantage in keeping your staff happy and bringing in new talent. Naturally the concern is that staff may become distracted and not be as productive as usual. ActivTrak allows you to monitor your remote workers and measure their productivity.

Recognition of employee strengths

ActivTrak can let you know when staff members are not performing, but it also tracks when they are. Being able to use this information in reviews is an invaluable source of knowledge for managers.

Improve productivity

Knowing when your employees are at their most productive can help you and your staff effectively plan projects, meetings and important work for times of day that work best for them.

Identify areas of improvement

ActivTrak can help you identify which team members are under performing and why. You can pinpoint a weakness in workflows, and set goals to test strategies for improved productivity.

Quickly Identify harmful activity and enforce practice policies with ease

You can put your policy enforcement on auto-pilot, when a user is demonstrating unwanted or dangerous activity, ActivTrak can set alarms, send notifications and record the activity without you having to lift a finger.

Find out how you can benefit from our Employee monitoring system

Identify areas of improvement and pinpoint how to make your employees more productive whilst supporting them in remote working.
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Communicating exactly what was happening and when, enabling me to keep my staff aware

- Beverley Garlick

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