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What to Expect Once you Contact Us

We want to take the mystery out of your interaction with us. IT can be complicated enough, without not knowing what to expect when you approach us for some advice or enquire about our services.

So in this blog, we will explain our sales process step by step, so that at all stages of your interaction with us, we are on the same page.

So you’ve booked in a quick chat or a free consultation with us, what next…?

This chat usually takes the form of a 15 minute FREE consultation, generally booked via the calendar on our website. During this discussion we aim to get a good idea of the pains and frustrations that you have at your veterinary practice and the challenges you need help with. Topics that often come up are; systems running slowly, poor internet connection causing havoc, PMS problems, setting up new practices or even just enquiries about who we are and what we do!

During this session we will also do some very basic information gathering, such as asking how many sites your have, the number of staff you employ and what systems you use. So that we can best advise you on how to tackle the frustrations you have and help us to create a plan to help you.

If at the end of this conversation we feel we can add value to your business, we will encourage you to book a free Onsite Discovery Session.

The Onsite Discovery Session…

For the Onsite Discovery Session, we usually send two members of the team, an IT Manager and an IT Solutions Consultant. The overall goal of the discovery is to gather as much information as possible to get a clear picture of the setup so we can recommend the most appropriate solution.

During this session the IT Manager will sit down with the you and your team to delve into your current IT frustrations, their aim is to gather as much information as possible as it is very common for practice owners or managers to be aware of issues that affect them, but not necessarily in touch with the day-to-day frustrations that their reception, marketing and vet team members are having.

We love this part of the session as we get to listen to you and your team and start to come up with ideas on how we can improve the efficiency of the team and use our problem-solving skills to recommend solutions.

Whilst this is being done the IT Solutions Consultant will be running a full scan of your complete IT environment whilst also getting photos and floor plans. This is an important part of the discovery session, as this will allow us to understand the foundations with which we will be working, and how to best build a solution that best fits your individual practice.

Once we have all the information we need from you, we then need some time to go away and actually put together a solution proposal, which is why at the end of the Onsite Discovery Session we will always book in a time with you for the Presentation Appointment. The key thing with the presentation appointment is that all decisions makers are available and present to attend.

Presenting your Solution…

Ideally, we like to do this face to face, so we can run through all the components of the solution we have created for you, relating each one back to your requirements so that you can understand why we are recommending it.

The goal of the presentation is to cover the following areas:

  • Summarise your current setup.
  • Clarify your requirements and what you want moving forward.
  • Breaking down the components of the solutions we are recommending for your practice e.g. cloud services, IT services, connectivity services etc. and explain what they are and why you need them.
  • Brief summary of the solution and what it looks like overall.
  • Description of how we would implement the solution.
  • Once we have covered all you will need to know about the solution, we then address the associated costs.

We’d like to think at this stage that you will see the value of the solution that we’ve put together for you and want to sign up straight away. But we understand that you might want to take some time to really digest the information and formulate more questions, so after discussion with you we might decide to book in a follow up meeting.

The Follow Up…

Once you have some time to digest our proposal we’ll organise a follow up meeting where you can tell us if you would like to go ahead and work with us. If you do then that’s great, we’ll be excited to get started on helping your practice reach its full potential. But if you aren’t quite ready to commit just yet, no worries! We’ll answer any last few questions you have, and we’ll stay in touch.