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Ready to transform your practice?

Discover how to leverage the power of technology – without any jargon, complexity, or hassle for your team.

Most popular technology talk at the London Vet Show 2021

Are you...
  • Concerned about the rise in pet ownership affecting your practice?
  • Worried about staff members burning out from handling too much at once?
  • Aware that no one would know what to do if the system got hacked?
  • Prepared to look into and make changes to your current PMS?
  • Interested in learning how to spot cyber-attacks and improve security?
If so, make sure to register today!

Jack clearly has a deep and enthusiastic understanding of IT. He manages to decode some rather complex issues into something more easily understandable and relatable


This webinar was fantastic and very interesting! I have come away with some clear ideas and goals over how I can make a difference for my team and my clients.


Jack Peploe of Veterinary IT Services

Jack Peploe

Presenter, Veterinary IT Expert & Certified Ethical Hacker

About the presenter

A Veterinary IT expert and founder, I understand that your PMS is the heart and soul of your practice.

A robust PMS is crucial in making sure practices can monitor patients, print prescriptions, store data, and much more with ease and efficiency. Not only that, but it’s also responsible for charting, scheduling, treatment, billing, and communication…everything!

So, it comes as no surprise that any downtime – no matter whether it’s for a few minutes or many hours – can be super disruptive to your practice’s operations. That’s why I’ve recorded this webinar, giving you the chance to strip everything back to basics and focus on what matters most: offering top-quality patient care.