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New Wells Veterinary Practice

Shepton Vets, a well-established but fast growing veterinary practice, realised there was a significant demand for small animal services within the region of Wells. It was therefore decided that a new state of the art facility was to be built. From the subset Shepton Vets required the new site to:

  • Have adequate connectivity to support seven systems, 6 phones and multiple mobile devices;
  • The new site needed to be configured with RoboVet and that ideally the data would be accessible by all authorised users from either location (Shepton Mallet or Wells);
  • Ensure the site employed the best in security to keep their clients data safe;
  • All systems installed should be small and discreet;
  • A total of 45 Cat 6 ports to be terminated within the comms room;
  • Ensure reliable high speed internal infrastructure both wired and wireless;
  • Wireless access both to provide corporate wireless access as well as easy to use guest wireless access;
  • Printing facility for both general colour A4 as well as label and receipt printing.

Initially the new site was wired with all brand new Cat 6 infrastructure. This was chosen due to the high speeds the cabling supports as well as future proofing the building.

Due to the reliance on internet a business ethernet (dedicated internet circuit) was installed to provide a consistent and reliable internet connection for the new site. This new connection was to have high level Service Level Agreements in place to ensure the site was covered against service faults and outages.

To ensure clients data is kept safe we utilised our cloud managed firewall solution, this means that the firewall is always  up to date, as well as ensuring all the devices within the building remain secure, as well as providing a secure site to site link between the Wells site and the main hospital at Shepton Mallet.

We made sure that the new site was equipped with our managed Wifi solution which provided the Wells Vets team with a secure wireless connection and also enabled the Wells Vets customers to easily access a separate dedicated Wifi connection which they could use by simply checking in to the Wells Vets Facebook page.

It was opted to go for a thin client solution which connected directly to the Shepton Mallet site via a secure site to site link. This enabled the devices to be small and mounted directly onto the wall with minimal cables. In addition this enabled the footprint at the new site to be small as no server was required which in addition kept the cost down.

Due to the Shepton team already being on Office 365 it was easy for users to transition between sites using their single Office 365 identity.

Finally we extended the existing cloud telephony system solution by installing six new handsets. This enabled the team at Wells to easily communicate with the team at Shepton as if they were just an additional extension.