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Don’t Dolittle, Do More: 10 Apps to Help You Communicate with Your Pets

Pet owners are aware of the effort to provide for their pets’ needs and requirements. From training, health, activities, and technology, not forgetting the simple desire to give them the best life possible since they deserve it. Pets are an integral part of human life.

Pets provide loyal companionship, love, commitment, and devotion to you and your family. Pets can save lives, help improve lives, and quickly become an integral part of your day.

However, it is always important to remember that you are EVERYTHING to your pet. You are companionship, the provider, alpha, decision-maker, protector, family, and friend. Your pet’s whole world revolves around you and your family. So, it is essential to do your best to communicate with your pet in a manner that helps them live the best life possible.

Currently, communication with a pet is via nonverbal cues or eye contact. Without specific equipment or devices, it is impossible to comprehend what they are trying to communicate fully.

The Traditional Way

Below are just some of the traditional ways to communicate with pets effectively you can try.

The Power of Touch

Animals instinctively connect with their surroundings and everyone in their area through touch. As a result of their high sensitivity to their intuitive nature, all contact is magnified and heightened for them. When people caress or hang out with their pets, they inadvertently communicate with their pets about how they are feeling simply by using their hands to communicate with them.

Careful Whispers

Any pet, like other animals, knows whatever its masters say about them, even if they do not physically touch them. When chatting about a pet, keep in mind that neither the location nor the volume is an important consideration. Anything you think and believe will be taken up by your pet and retained by them. Be mindful of what you say and what you do not say, and always be cognizant of what you are saying about your pet.

Get Physical

Animals are physical entities! Spend time with your dog running, sprinting with your horse, or playing around with your cat to get some exercise. This routine fun will build a physical and spiritual relationship, allowing you to join together naturally. It is a physical connection with your pet that you will both appreciate. Instead of constantly expecting the pet to live in your universe, try spending time in their world. This act will aid in balancing the energy between both of you and creating a wonderful sense of intimacy between you both.


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The Modern Way

Below are some of the more modern, technology-aiding ways to effectively communicate with pets you can try.


Keep track of your pet’s medical history, schedule forthcoming vaccinations and vet visits, or even monitor their weight and diet. The account can be accessed from numerous devices, allowing everyone in the family to stay up to date on the newest developments, share care records and have them stored safely in the cloud.

Dog Decoder

Dog Decoder will teach you everything you need to know about how your dog communicates. You will become more familiar with your dog’s body language, you’ll identify the difference between aggression and the need to play and much more, all so you can enjoy a healthy and loving relationship with your four-legged friend.

Woof – My Buddy

Woof is a one stop solution for all your pet needs, allowing you to connect with verified specialists such as trainers, dog groomers and pet sitters. Woof also allows pet parents to match with other pet parents from different locations meaning you can set up future playdates for you and your companion to enjoy.


BarkHappy is a social platform for dog lovers which allows you to search for dog-friendly restaurants, shops, motels, and other establishments. With BarkHappy, you can network with other dog owners in your area, If there is a lost or discovered dog, you can send notifications to other users using the app.


GoodPup creates a customized training program for you that includes weekly personal 30-minute lessons with a training instructor, guided daily training advice, and a conversation tool with instructors that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Puppr is a good alternative for dog owners looking for less professional training options. The app provides training materials, over 100 classes, live discussions with trainers, and allows you to track and monitor your progress.

Cat Training

This app is jam-packed with data to aid you in understanding your cat’s activity and training them. The Cat Training app addresses typical cat care issues, and provides useful, realistic tips and techniques that are a must-know for every cat owner.

Fluffy: Dog Training & Health

Fluffy offers breed-specific dog training courses, personalized wellbeing and health advise from top vets, honest and unbiased diet advice and it allows you to chat with trainers, vets and nutritionists. it’s currently available on just iOS however the Android version of the app is soon to be released.

Dog Vacay

DogVacay is a large network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers, it allows for your dog to either stay at their home or a dog sitters home if you’re travelling or just out for the day. You can browse sitters, book & pay online, and receive photo updates. Every reservation made through the site or mobile app is covered by premium pet insurance and you have access to 24/7 customer support.

Relax My Cat

Relax My Cat assists with calming your pet when they’re especially stressed, alternatively use it as an assistant pet sitter to keep them occupied whilst you’re out. The app is filled with audio & video content to help your cat which can be used anytime, anywhere and on any device.


Pets should become members of the family. They provide us with solace and friendship, among other things. Despite being unable to communicate in the same way that humans do, they are still capable of having and feeling emotions. It is only important that they receive their owners’ best possible attention and care. They are a part of our lives, but we are the entirety of their lives to them.