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Are Your Prices Transparent? CMA Announces Investigation Into Veterinary Medicine

Are Your Prices Transparent? CMA Announces Investigation Into Veterinary Medicine

In the world of veterinary medicine, trust is everything. As a practice owner, you’ve dedicated your career to providing the highest quality care for your patients and building lasting relationships with their owners.

But, the recent announcement by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) regarding their investigation into veterinary practices has brought the topic of pricing to the forefront of the industry. This investigation has the potential to raise questions and concerns among your clients. So, it’s never been more important to proactively address the issue of pricing transparency.

Why Do You Need Pricing Transparency?

When you’re upfront about your pricing, it demonstrates your commitment to honesty and fairness. This transparency helps to reduce confusion and misunderstandings that can happen when clients need clarification about the costs associated with their pet’s care. By providing clear and accessible pricing information, you can manage client expectations and minimise the potential for surprises or disputes over bills.

Streamline Your Client Experience

In addition to reducing confusion, transparent pricing can also streamline the client experience. When clients have easy access to pricing information, they can plan and make decisions more efficiently. This can lead to shorter wait times and more focused consultations.

Stay Ahead of the CMA Investigation

To top it all off, the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has launched an investigation into pricing transparency within our beloved veterinary industry. While it might sound daunting, think of it as an opportunity to further enhance trust and communication with your clients.

With this investigation comes a heightened awareness among clients regarding pricing transparency. But fear not! We’ve got this covered. By ensuring your pricing remains crystal clear and easily accessible, we not only comply with regulations but also solidify your reputation as trustworthy professionals.

Let’s work together to keep our practices fully above board. Transparent pricing isn’t just a regulatory requirement; it’s a commitment to your clients‘ peace of mind and the integrity of the profession. So, let’s keep those prices transparent and continue providing top-notch care to our furry friends!

How to Showcase Your Prices Effectively

If you haven’t already adopted transparent pricing, now is the ideal moment to do so. By embracing this approach and openly sharing your fees, you’ll align with the increasing number of practices that prioritise transparency and cultivate trust with their clients. Additionally, ensure your staff are well-equipped to engage in these conversations and comprehend the importance of transparency.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  1. Conduct a comprehensive review of your current pricing structure. Ensure that your fees are competitive, fair, and reflective of the value you provide.
  2. Organize your pricing information into clear, logical categories. Consider grouping services based on type, complexity, or frequency.
  3. Determine the best format for presenting your pricing. Will you use a simple list, a table, or a more visual approach?
  4. Create a dedicated pricing page on your website. Make sure it’s easy to find and navigate. We’ll get more into this in a bit.
  5. Train your staff on how to discuss pricing with clients. Provide them with the tools and information they need to confidently answer questions and address concerns.
  6. Promote your new pricing transparency through your marketing channels. Let your clients know that you’re committed to open, honest communication.

Make Your Pricing Accessible on Your Website

We understand that determining precise pricing can be challenging due to various factors such as location, suppliers, and other variables.

One approach to address this complexity is to provide an estimated range on your website, such as from £50 to £100. This gives potential clients a general idea of what to expect while acknowledging the potential for variation.

Additionally, it’s crucial to have a dedicated pricing page on your veterinary practice’s website that is easy to locate and navigate. A clear link in your main menu or footer ensures accessibility and demonstrates transparency. Avoid burying pricing information deep within your site, as this can lead to frustration for users and create doubts about transparency.

Moreover, it’s important to prepare your teams to answer any questions that may arise from the provided estimates. This ensures consistency in communication and reinforces trust with clients.

How to Showcase Your Pricing on Your Website

When it comes to presenting your pricing information online, there are several easy-to-implement options to consider:

  • Detailed service price lists: Create a comprehensive list of your services, including routine check-ups, vaccinations, surgical procedures, and diagnostic tests. Clearly display the associated prices next to each item. Consider organizing your list into categories to make it easier for clients to find what they’re looking for.
  • Treatment package pricing: If you offer bundled services or treatment packages, showcase these options along with their pricing. Explain what’s included in each package and highlight the value proposition for your clients. This can be particularly helpful for preventive care plans or chronic condition management.
  • Interactive cost calculators: Take your pricing transparency to the next level by implementing an interactive cost calculator on your website. This tool allows clients to input their pet’s specific needs and receive a personalized estimate of the associated costs. While this option requires more initial setup, it can be a powerful way to engage clients and demonstrate your commitment to transparency.

Tips for Communicating Your Prices to Clients

Whether you’re presenting your pricing online or going through the cost of a treatment with a client in person, the way you communicate with clients can make a huge difference in their reaction. While it’s tough to take the money discussion out of the equation entirely, there are a few ways you can make it easier for clients to understand their financial obligations and ways you can help. Here are a few tips to better communicate your prices to clients:

  • Use clear, concise language and avoid industry jargon that may confuse pet owners.
  • Present your prices in a clean, easy-to-read format that breaks costs down into understandable components. Use bullet points, tables, or accordions to break up the information and make it more scannable.
  • Be proactive in providing cost estimates upfront, rather than waiting for clients to ask.
  • Discuss payment options, such as pet insurance, wellness plans, subscription models, or financing programs, to help clients manage expenses.
  • Be sensitive to clients’ financial situations and offer alternative treatment options or phased approaches when appropriate.

How to Address Price Concerns Caused by the CMA Investigation

To help your team navigate customer conversations that mention the CMA investigation into veterinary pricing, provide your staff with a framework to address common concerns. This framework should include the following key points:

  • Emphasize your practice’s commitment to transparency and fair pricing. Explain that you have always been dedicated to providing clear, upfront information about your fees and that this commitment remains unchanged in light of the CMA investigation.
  • Acknowledge the factors that influence veterinary costs. Whether it’s the need for specialized equipment, ongoing staff training, or the provision of high-quality care, when clients your prices reflect the value of the services you provide and the expertise of your team.
  • Highlight the value of the services you offer. Remind clients that your team’s knowledge, skills, and dedication to animal welfare are at the heart of everything you do. Emphasize that your prices enable you to maintain the highest standards of care and continue investing in the latest treatments and technologies.


As a practice owner, you have a unique opportunity to lead the way in demonstrating your commitment to fair, transparent pricing. By embracing open communication and taking steps to make your pricing information clear and accessible, you can strengthen the trust between your practice and your clients.