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Keeping Your Veterinary Practice Up to Date with the Latest Products and Trends

How to Keep Your Veterinary Practice Up to Date with the Latest Products and Trends

In the fast-paced veterinary industry, staying up-to-date with the latest products, services, and trends is not just a nice extra—it’s an absolute necessity for the success and survival of your practice. The sheer volume of new developments in medications, equipment, specialty services, and technology can be overwhelming. But falling behind the curve risks losing clients to more innovative competitors. By making it a priority to actively research and integrate cutting-edge veterinary offerings, you can provide exceptional quality care that keeps your practice competitive and engaged.

How Does Staying Up to Date Benefit Your Veterinary Practice?

Here are just some of the key benefits of continually updating your practice’s offerings:

  • Grow your client list: Attract new pet owner clients seeking the latest advancements and highest quality care. State-of-the-art services can appeal to potential new customers.
  • Gain a competitive advantage: Exceed the expectations of current clients by surpassing what competitors offer. Clients appreciate knowing you utilize cutting-edge technologies, treatments, and medications.
  • Build staff morale: Keep your team engaged and motivated by acquiring new equipment, amenities, and learning opportunities. Staff want to work with up-to-date tools and master new skills.
  • Increase revenue: Boost revenue streams through unique, specialized services you can promote at a premium that other local clinics don’t provide.
  • Develop a positive reputation: Reinforce reputation as an advanced clinic committed to improvement through continual upgrades over time.



Hands-On Market Research

One of the best ways to learn about new veterinary products and services is to get out there and do market research. Here are a few effective approaches:

Attend Industry Trade Shows and Conferences

Major veterinary conferences like the SPVS Congress and the London Vet Show are the perfect places to find out about new technologies and innovations for your practice. Walk the exhibit hall floor to see the latest offerings in everything from digital X-ray equipment to specialty veterinary diets. Attend educational sessions to hear from experts and industry leaders. Take notes on products and services you may want to implement.

Research Online

Search industry publications and veterinary journals for news and reports on recent technological and medical breakthroughs. You can also look at veterinary association websites and industry blogs for news and trends. While you’re at it, subscribe to their newsletters and email updates as well! Following thought leaders and influencers on social media is another great way to keep up with the latest.

Maintain Relationships with Vendor Reps

Cultivate relationships with sales representatives from vendors and suppliers of veterinary products and services. Keep the lines of communication open. Building these relationships allows you to learn about their new offerings that may benefit your practice before they become available. Their insider knowledge helps you stay at the forefront of what’s new.

Monitor Your Competitors

Keeping an eye on competing veterinary practices in your area is crucial. This offers insights into new products and services gaining popularity among customers.

Drive By and Visit Competitor Practices

Do occasional drive-by’s of competitor veterinary clinics in your geographic area. Notice signage about new services offered, extended hours, or specialty staff brought on board like a canine nutritionist. If they expanded their facility, they may have acquired new equipment or amenities for additional services.

You can also schedule a time to tour local veterinary clinics, both general practices and specialty hospitals. Take note of equipment, medications, supplements, and services they offer that your practice does not. This can uncover gaps in your offerings. Pay attention to unique amenities like luxury boarding facilities and cutting-edge diagnostic tools that could help your practice stand out.

Review Competitor Websites

Regularly visit your competition’s veterinary practice websites. Check if they’ve announced new services like rehabilitation therapy or pet DNA tests. Also, see if they’re promoting new products like dental chews or probiotic supplements. You can even sign up for their email list to get updates right in your inbox.

Follow Competitor Social Media Pages

Follow competing veterinary practices on social media. Look for posts advertising new products, equipment, or services. Pay attention to educational content geared toward pet owners, which may indicate emerging trends. This is a great place to get inspiration for your own social media content! You can also learn about special events at their practice that could give you ideas for your marketing.

Delegate the Work

As a busy practice owner, you likely don’t have time to constantly research industry happenings and track competitors. Consider delegating some monitoring and research duties to staff members.

Assign Roles to Team Members

Assign team members roles in keeping up with the veterinary landscape. Have an employee responsible for reading industry publications and taking notes on relevant news. Appoint someone to follow competitors on social media and report back on new offerings. You can also assign team member roles based on each individual’s CPD requirements for their role at your veterinary office.

Hold Weekly or Monthly Updates

Schedule a short weekly team meeting for employees to update you on the latest industry news and competitor happenings they’ve discovered that week. This sharing of information ensures you stay in the loop.

Offer Incentives

Offer small incentives to team members who take the initiative in bringing new products, equipment, or services to your attention that could benefit your practice. This motivation helps make staying current a team effort.

Hire a Marketing Consultant

Consider hiring an outside marketing consultant in the veterinary space who specializes in keeping practices up to date. They can take over competitor analysis and industry research, then present recommendations to you.


Making the effort to regularly research new veterinary developments and monitor your competitors pays huge dividends in keeping your practice on the leading edge. Clients will appreciate your commitment to utilizing the latest advancements and treatments to care for their beloved pets. Your staff will be motivated and empowered by new technologies and amenities that make their jobs easier. Most importantly, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your business consistently provides the highest calibre of veterinary medicine possible.

So, be proactive by carving out time to visit clinics, attend conferences, follow industry news, incentivize staff, and take advantage of vendor relationships. Going the extra mile to integrate innovations will solidify your reputation, attract new customers, and ensure your ongoing success.