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Navigating the Client Journey: A Look Into the Modern Veterinary Practice Theatre at the LVS

The London Vet Show, Europe’s largest veterinary event, is on the horizon, and it promises to be a tour de force of innovation, education, and collaboration. This year, VeterinaryIT.Services is hosting the Modern Veterinary Practice Theatre, a two-day program dedicated to taking delegates through the entire customer journey from start to finish.

As any savvy vet knows, understanding and enhancing the customer journey is the secret source to a thriving veterinary practice. It’s not just about providing top-notch animal care, but also about creating an experience that keeps pet owners coming back.


The Importance of the Customer Journey in Your Veterinary Practice

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of the Modern Veterinary Practice Theatre’s schedule, let’s take a minute to address the elephant in the room: What’s all this fuss about the customer journey, and why is it such a big deal for your veterinary practice?

In the simplest terms, the customer journey is the total experience your clients have with your practice. It’s not just a single interaction, but the entire spectrum of experiences – from the initial online search that leads them to your website, to the comprehensive care they receive during their visit, and even the follow-up communications post-visit.

Why does it matter? Well, in today’s competitive veterinary landscape, providing top-notch medical service is a given. But to stand out from the pack, you’ve got to offer more. You’ve got to create a seamless, positive experience that leaves your clients thinking, “Wow, that was impressive.” That’s where mastering the customer journey comes in.

The Modern Veterinary Practice Theatre at the London Vet Show is all about showcasing this concept in action. So, here’s what you can expect throughout the two-day program.

Day 1: The Beginning of the Journey

The first day of the Modern Veterinary Practice Theatre is all about laying a solid foundation. It’s where the initial steps of the customer journey come into play, from establishing a robust digital presence to integrating modern technologies into your practice. Let’s delve into the day’s schedule:

Mastering Your Digital Presence to Attract and Retain Pet Owners

Nowadays, the first interaction a pet owner likely has with your practice is through your digital presence. Vetstoria and Whisker Cloud will guide you through the process of optimizing your online channels to not just attract new clients but keep your existing ones engaged. This session lays the groundwork for the first touchpoint in the customer journey.

Demystifying GDPR for Veterinary Practices

Trust is a central component of any customer journey, and nothing says “we value your trust” quite like a robust understanding of data protection. CVG Solutions will demystify GDPR, helping you understand how to maintain privacy standards in your practice. Building this trust with your customers is necessary to create a great customer journey.

The Talent Challenge: Talent Acquisition & Onboarding

The individuals you hire and how well they’re integrated into your team directly impact your practice’s customer experience. Garden Vets at Keele will tackle the talent challenge, focusing on smart hiring and effective onboarding. Maintaining a full staff of talented employees is crucial for the service delivery phase of the customer journey.

Integrating ChatGPT into Veterinary Clinical Practice

Artificial Intelligence is reshaping many industries, and veterinary practice is no exception. This session, presented by Talkatoo, will explore how integrating ChatGPT into your practice can enhance efficiency and customer service. It highlights how embracing technology can enhance the overall customer experience, an integral aspect of the customer journey.

Modernising Your Diagnostics: A Fun, Interactive Session

Diagnostic practices have a direct impact on the quality of care you provide. VetCT will lead an engaging session on modernizing your diagnostics, complete with an interactive section to look directly at your diagnostics processes. Ensuring your practice can access the latest diagnostic tools to provide the best care keeps your clients satisfied with every visit to your practice.

Day 2: Shaping the Future of the Veterinary Practice

After laying the groundwork on Day 1, we’re now ready to look toward the future. Day 2 is all about exploring how continual learning and innovative thinking can allow your practice to continuously improve the customer journey.

Dynamic Learning & The Future of Education

Education is a cornerstone of any professional field, and veterinary practice is no exception. The Trimble Group is set to lead an enlightening discussion on dynamic learning and what the future holds for education in veterinary practice. By fostering a culture of continual learning, you can ensure your practice stays at the cutting edge, thereby enhancing the customer journey through exceptional service.

The Theory of Constraints: Identifying Your One Bottleneck

Every practice has its bottlenecks, those stubborn roadblocks that can hamper productivity and customer satisfaction. Petsapp & VidiVet’s presentation will introduce the Theory of Constraints, a management paradigm that can help you identify and address these bottlenecks. Improving operational efficiency ensures a smoother, more enjoyable customer journey.

Future Focus: Education, Experience & Experimentation

The final presentation of the two-day schedule brings us back to Garden Vets at Keele. This time, they’ll delve into the three E’s of future focus: Education, Experience, and Experimentation. During this session, you will explore how a commitment to continual education, a focus on creating exceptional experiences, and a willingness to experiment can shape the future of your veterinary practice. It’s all about pushing boundaries and creating a customer journey that stands out from the crowd.


Each session at our Modern Veterinary Practice Theatre during the London Vet Show brings a unique perspective to the table, all geared towards one central goal: Mastering the customer journey in the veterinary practice. It’s about understanding each interaction, each touchpoint, and how they come together to shape the overall experience for your clients.

Whether you’re a seasoned vet or a new entrant in the field, attending the Modern Veterinary Practice Theatre can help your practice excel by offering more than high-quality care. You can use what you learn to stand out with a great customer journey that creates loyal clients.