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Benefit from all-in-one protection for devices, data and employees

Predict, identify and block cyber threats from your network with a cost-effective, subscription based anti-virus solution managed by our cyber experts.

Why Managed Anti-Virus?

We take care of installing and managing the anti-virus software on your computers and devices, ensuring that scanners are up to date and scheduled at a convenient time for your practice. Our partner Avast provides integrated, enterprise-grade endpoint and network security solutions specifically for vets, the result is superior protection that practices can count on.

Outsourced Management

Our Managed Anti-Virus requires no input from you or your team. We ensure it remains up to date and your systems remain free from threats.

Protects you Everywhere

No matter where your company equipment is located it will remain protected and up to date.

Stay Compliant

Your Managed Anti-Virus will always be up to date and is constantly learning from evolving threats ensuring regulatory compliance.

Core Stats


of malware changes every time it infects.

39 Seconds

is the interval between cyber-attacks worldwide.


increase of Mac-specific malware.


Always scanning your system without affecting performance

Thorough but unobtrusive. Smart Scan has been designed to run without slowing down your PC, skipping over non-vulnerable parts of your systems to maximize its efficiency and save you time.
Always scanning your system without affecting performance

Management is continual

With unmanaged solutions, many users turn the antivirus protection off because it can slow their computer down or because they believe their usage habits are not compromising security. Managed anti-virus solutions can’t be uninstalled or turned off, meaning your systems are continually protected.
Management is continual

Your systems are truly protected

Regardless of how secure your systems are and the steps you take to prevent malware getting through, the chances are you will eventually be infected. When you are, removing the virus completely can be a tricky job. Our experts are trained in how to do this quickly and efficiently and can usually completely remove the virus without you even knowing, ensuring that your systems are truly secure.
Your systems are truly protected

Immediate response to threats

We monitor your systems for threats 24/7 via our SOC (Security Operation Centre) in Cirencester. Should a threat be found it will automatically be quarantined and we will be informed so that we can work in the background to completely remove the threat. This keeps you and your team operational and safe.
Immediate response to threats

Reduce your risk of an IT disaster with our Managed Anti-Virus

Get started in letting us take the hassle of managing your practice IT security by booking a free IT audit.
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Daniel persisted until the problem was fixed, and he was really reassuring that I hadn't done anything wrong!

- Jenny Hunter

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