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Use a password management system to secure your digital footprints

Password access to IT applications and systems is not going away any time soon, so take away the headache and insecurity of credential management by implementing a password management platform.

Why get a Password Management Platform?

Complex passwords are hard to remember and many people default to using the same variations across many platforms, making it easy for hackers to get at your information. With a password management system you create a master password for access to your identity ‘vault’, and then the password manager fills in individual user IDs and passwords for the sites and apps you use.

Only one password

You are only required to remember one password, not multiple passwords for the many platforms you use.

Stops passwords being re-used

The password manager remembers the complex passwords that are unique to each platform so you don’t have to.

Access passwords from anywhere

You can sync your passwords across multiple devices securely no matter where you are.

Core Stats


of employees keep track of passwords by writing them on Post-it Notes.


of all data breaches result from weak or stolen passwords.

23.2 Million

victim accounts worldwide used 123456 as password.


Access your passwords securely from anywhere

Never leave crucial information behind with a mobile app for iOS and Android, complete with secure Touch ID, Face ID and fingerprint authentication.
Access your passwords securely from anywhere

Share and control access to passwords

Grant and revoke access to shared passwords and documents, both to individuals and groups. Delegate responsibilities to your department leads so they can manage their own teams with custom groups and vaults.
Share and control access to passwords

Auto-login and auto-fill

Never type another password. Auto-login and form autofill supercharge employee activity.
Auto-login and auto-fill

Complies with the most stringent security industry standards

Protects your data with state-of-the-art security, including role-based permissions, audit trail, version history, two-factor authentication and the gold standard of cloud software, SOC 2 compliance.
Complies with the most stringent security industry standards

Take away the headache and insecurity of credential management

It’s time to say good-bye to sticky notes. Learn more about the do’s and don’ts of password and credential management by downloading our free guide.
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